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Advantages of being an independent Character Artist:

Get more job Opportunities

Studios prefer to hire someone who can take on multiple roles

Become Self sufficient

You will be able to take on projects by yourself and become more independent

Be a better Teamplayer

Having knowledge of multiple subjects makes it easier to communicate with your co-workers

Make people notice you

If your character is original, you will stand out more

Become independent by learning new skills:

Character Creation Tutorial Bundle

Do you want to learn how to create your own 3D character? You can now buy my tutorial bundle where you will learn how to make a 3D model. How to create a uv map and texture. How to build a rig and how to animate your character. 

Improve your chances to get hired!

Most schools and online courses teach you how to become great at one skill. Being a specialist is great if you want to work in a big Hollywood studio but it can take a long time before you are hired by a studio like that. If this is your goal it is important that you gain work experience. You can decide to work for a smaller studio or as a freelancer. If you try to get a job like this, you will be better off if with a broader skillset. 

Working in Europe

In Europe you have a lot of smaller studio’s. Most of them don’t really need a specialist. They would prefer to hire an all-round artist. I have seen talented animators that didn’t get a job at the studio where I was working because they couldn’t do anything else besides animating.

Freelance Artist

If you are a freelance artist it also helps to be a all-round artist. You will get more fun and diverse job opportunity’s. You will also be more appealing to a clients because they just have to hire you, and not three other freelance artists. This will keep the lines short and the client happy.

Portfolio and Demoreel

Get the attention of studio’s by creating a fantastic portfolio or demo reel. In my eBook I shared a lot of valuable tips and trick on how showcase your work in the best possible way. 

A little bit about me

My name is Nanda van Dijk, and I’m a freelance character artist. My company website I’ve been working in the animation industry for over seven years now. My specialties are character animation, illustration, modeling, rigging, layout animation and storyboarding. After working on television commercials, video games, and feature films, I now like to share some of my knowledge to help my fellow artists. If you want to see my latest work be sure to check out my Demo Reel.

Some examples of my personal and commercial work:

Feature Films I’ve worked on:

Hodja fra Pjort

This is a Danish feature film made by studio A.Film. I worked as a freelance character animator on this production. The English title is ‘Up and Away‘ This film will be released in 2018

Den Kæmpestore Pære

Another Danish feature film made by studio A.Film. I worked as a freelance character animator on this production. The English title is ‘The Incredible story of the Giant Pear‘ This film was released in October 2017

The Little Vampire

I worked as a freelance animator at the studio, ‘Storm Post Production’. I have worked on this film as a Layout artist and as a Character Animator. This film was released in October 2017

Trippel Trappel

For This film I worked as a freelancer for the Anikey Studio and Il luster. I was one of the Key animators. This feature film is an hand animated film. We used the software TV Paint. This film was released in October 2014.

Some of the studio’s I have worked for:

Request personal feedback

  • Do you want to bring your character to a higher level?
  • Are you stuck, and in need of a fresh pair of eyes to look at your work?
  • Do you need help to make your character ready for production?

If you request a feedback video, I will look at your work and provide you with helpful feedback to improve your character design, 3D model, rig or animation.

I will record a video for you where I will give you tips and tricks and make draw-overs to show you what you could do to improve your work. The video will be about 10 to 20 minutes long.

Character Design

I can help you make your Character Design stronger and and more appealing.

3D Modeling

I can help you improve your design and give you tips to make your model animation ready


I can help you test your rig and help you make the rig animator friendly.


I can help you find problems, improve your poses and make better acting choices.

Nanda van Dijk

Step by step – creating an Alice in Wonderland illustration

We all love to watch beautiful illustrations and be inspired by them. A fantastic place to watch incredible illustration is the Facebook group: the Character Design Challenge! This is a character design contest with a new theme every month. This time the theme was Alice in Wonderland. I joined the contest and in this article I will

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Nanda van Dijk

Pikin – Great guide for beginners

This week I finally launched the new Character Creation Guide website. I have been working on this website for a while now. After working on three feature films last year I finally found some time to focus on my tutorial website. I am working on the first tutorials that I will launch on this website. In

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Nanda van Dijk

Sweet Characters

For my day job, I have to work with characters on a daily basis. But I almost always work digitally. I model and animate digital 3D characters. But sometimes it is fun to work analog and model characters for real. It is so much fun to be able to touch your work, look around it,

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