Character Creation Bundle - Tutorials on Modeling, Rigging and Animation

Character Creation

Learn how to design, model, rig and animate a 3D Character!

Did you ever want to make and animate your own characters, but didn't know how to get started?

This tutorial bundle will help you with the entire process of designing, modeling and animating a 3D character. 

Character Creation Bundle

A complete bundle to create your own 3D animation character
  • Character Design tutorial
  • Modeling Tutorial
  • Uv and Texturing Tutorial
  • Rigging Tutorial
  • 3D Animation Tutorial
  • Bonus - 2D Animation Tutorial
  • Pikin Rig

Easy to follow

In these tutorials I will show you my work methods step by step. A basic understanding of 3D software is preferred but not necessary. You can also join a  closed Facebook group to ask any questions you have. 

Tutorials by a Professional Character Artist and instructor

Hi, my name is Nanda van Dijk and I created this tutorial bundle to help you become an independent character artist and improve you chances to getting your dream job. But what can I teach you? After graduating in 2010 from the Utrecht University of the Arts, I have worked on a lot of different projects for commercials, games and feature films. Working as a CG Generalist, Character Artist, Story Artist and Character Animator. This last year I have also worked as a rigging and animation instructor at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam and I am currently teaching an Art/2D Animation class at Animschool

My ability to work as a designer, modeler, rigger, and animator has helped me a lot in my career as a character artist. Now I want to pass on my knowledge to help new character artists to become more independent and improve there chances of finding a job.

With these tutorials you will learn how to:

  • Solve mistakes and errors you run into
  • Think as a designer, during all the stages of the character creation process.
  • Plan your workflow and work efficiently
  • create a character that will improve your demo reel and show your new skills

Character Design

Every character has to be designed. The same was true for Pikin. I designed 16 chick characters before I decided to go with this version of Pikin. In this tutorial I will explain my thought process behind designing the different chicks and I will show you how I created his model sheet. This tutorial will include time lapse video's of my design process.


My program of choice for 3D is Maya by Autodesk. In this tutorial I will show the methods I use to modeling a 3D character. And I will show you how to use the Modeling Toolkit

UV mapping and Texturing

To give a character colors you need to unwrap the UV's for your characters. In this tutorial I will show the best way to do this using the UV toolkit.


Before you can animate your new 3D Character you will have to build a rig. This is a kind of skeleton that will allow you to move the geometry. I will teach you the basics behind rigging and show you how to build a simple but effective rig.


And last but not least, I will show you how to bring your character to life with animation. I will give a animation demonstration in 2D and 3D with Pikin.

Yes, I want to learn how to create a 3D character!

For beginners and experienced character artist who want to learn new skills!

Need help or technical support?

If you run into problems or you need technical support, just let me know on the CCG Facebook group or send me an email. I will try to help you in the best way possible. 

You can also post your work in progress in my Facebook group and request tips from me and the other artists in this group. You can ask the questions regarding this tutorial bundle or on other topics. I will also post weekly exercises you can join to improve your skills. 

I'm so pleased I spotted your ad and joined up, this is by far one of the best groups I've joined - thank you for making it!
Nelie Walkling


To get the most out of this tutorial bundle I recommend using the same software that I am using. But all the information I give in these tutorials is basic knowledge that will work in every software package you like to work with. The main difference is the locations of all the buttons and the hotkeys that I use. If you use the same software it will be easier to follow. 

All the software you see below are available for both Windows and Mac.
I will include a list of the hotkeys I use with the tutorials.

Autodesk Maya - Main 3D Software

The main software I use in this tutorial bundle is Autodesk Maya. It is a difficult and expensive program but it is the industry standard. Almost all the studio’s I have worked for work with Maya. That is why it is good to learn using Maya if you want to work in studios as a character artist.

If you are a student you can download a student version of Maya. This is a full version but you will get a water mark in your screen. But it is a perfect way to learn Maya without having to pay a lot of money

If you are not a student that you can also try Maya lite. This is a simpler version of Maya that is mostly used by game developers. There are some features missing but you can model and animate. This version is a lot cheaper. Everything I explain in this tutorial should also work in Maya lite. And if you do run into problems, I will do my best to help you!

All these software packages have a 30 day trial version. So you don't have to buy any expensive software to do this tutorial bundle!

Go to the Autodesk website:

TV Paint - optional - 2D Software

This is the best 2D traditional painting software that is out there at the moment. I worked with TV paint on the production of Trippel Trappel and I use it for all my 2D animations. Again, TV paint isn’t cheap. There are a lot of other 2D programs you could use instead of TV Paint. the principles are the same. But if you have the money and if you want to make 2D animations than I really recommend TV Paint.

Go to the TV Paint website:

3D Coat - optional - small bonus video

For the Uv mapping part of the tutorial I will show you two ways of working. I will show you how to unwrap your 3D model using Maya and 3D Coat. I will also show you the way to do it in Maya in case you don’t have 3D Coat or cant afford it. This is just a Bonus. But I do want to show you how to do it in 3D Coat because it is such a easy and quick way. I learned this technique recently myself but it already saved me so much time.

Go to the 3D Coat website:

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