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You will get a feedback video with tips and tricks how you can improve the quality of your Character Creations

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And your Demo Reel or Portfolio!

Have you ever wanted to...

  • bring your work to a higher quality level?
  • make a character that would impress clients and studio's you want to work with?
  • bring your work to a higher quality level?
  • get personal help on your own creations?

Let your Demo Reel shine!

Make sure that the work you make is so good that your demo reel will shine. Most of us are blind to our own mistakes. Especially when you have been working for a long time on one project. I can help you to:

  • See mistakes you might have overlooked
  • Give you a fresh perspective
  • Show you some design tips and tricks
  • Help you think about the characters personality
  • Check to see if your work is ready for production

Feedback example Video

If you request a feedback video you will get a similar video of about 20 to 30 minute long.

Rosalia Black

Character Design

You can send me your character design. I can also help you to pick the strongest design if you have multiple designs for the same character if you like.
  • I can help you make your design stronger and more appealing
  • I can help you improve the silhouette of your design
  • I can help you make sure your character is production ready


You can send me a turnaround of your character or the 3D model it self. I will look at your characters from all angles and provide tips to make your 3D model look great if you decide to animate them or 3D print them.

  • I can help you to make your design stronger and more appealing.
  • I can look at the topology of your character. (the way you constructed your model)
  • I can help you to make model ready to make a rig for it.


I can help you by looking at your rig from an animator’s perspective. I might not be able to assist in difficult technical issues, but will help you the best I can if you run into any problems.

  • I can test your rig to make sure that everything is working properly.
  • I can help you make your rig animator friendly.
  • I can help you look at the deformations and give tips on how to improve them.


You can send in your animation from any stage. It doesn’t matter if your still in blocking or if your already polishing your shot. It is better if you are still in blocking because it will be easier for you to implement the feedback you get in the feedback video.

  • I can help you to improve your key poses.
  • I can pin point hick-ups and mistaks that you might have missed.
  • I can help you to improve the acting of your character.

Yes I would like personal feedback on my work!

Bring your artwork and character creations to the next level

120 days money back guarenteed

Feedback from a Character Artist

The feedback video will be created by me, Nanda van Dijk. I have worked as a professional Character artist for over 10 years now. I have worked as a 2D and 3D Animator, character designer, modeler, rigger and story artist. I have worked on feature films, commercials and games.

Some of the studio’s I have worked for:

Feedback that you can use!

Sending in your work

After you have purchased a Personal feedback video, you will receive a pdf file explaining what files you can send in to receive the best possible feedback.

Recording the Feedback Video

After receiving the files from you I will need some time record and edit the video for you. This might take from a couple of days till a week. I will try to make the feedback video as quickly as possible. If for some reason there is a delay I will keep you informed on how long it will take.

Receiving the Feedback Video

When I have recorded the video I will upload it, with password protection, on Vimeo and send you a link with the password. You will be the only person who is allowed to see the video unless you say otherwise.
I might ask you to use some parts of the feedback video for marketing purposes.

Show us your progress

In this feedback video you will get tips and tricks on how you can move on from here. After you have worked on you character creations we would love to see how it turned out. So please share your progress with us or on the Character Creation Guide Facebook page and let us know if the feedback you got was helpful for you.

Yes I would like personal feedback on my work!

Bring your artwork and character creations to the next level

120 days money back guarenteed

I am confident that I can help improve your work!

Nanda van Dijk – Character Creation Guide

Feedback for Andre Ferwerda

Andre Ferwerda is an amazing modeling artist. He makes incredible sculptures using ZBrush. Andre requested one of my feedback videos for this model. I was only able to give him some small pointers because his sculpture was already really good. But I really feel like they helped him to make his design even stronger and more appealing. I hope you love his sculpture just as much as I do!

To see more work by Andre Ferwerda, you can check his Artstation Page

Before Feedback


After Feedback

Personal Feedback Video

Available in English or Dutch
  • 15 to 30 minute long feedback video
  • Tips and tricks to improve your work
  • The feedback video is for your eyes only

Personal Skype Call

Available in English or Dutch
  • Get one on one feedback
  • Ask your questions directly
  • watch back the video after the skypecall

money back guaranteed

Request your feedback now and start improving your character creations. We are very confident that the feedback that we will provide will help you improve your work. If, for any reason you don’t like the feedback video that you have received then you have 120 days guarantee to get your 100% of your payment back.

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